Analytic Solutions

Are you making best use of your information assets? Active Analysts specializes in consulting within data science and statistical analysis fields. We provide services that allow you to make best use of your data and create solutions in a variety of sectors.

Your Challenges

Your challenges are our highest priority. We have experts in data science, statistical analysis & information technology to deliver solutions that meet a diverse range of requirements. We create solutions that leverage your data in the most effective way possible.

Big Data

We are experts at obtaining your needs and delivering the rigorously tested and vetted solutions that you expect. Active Analytics enables you to excel at all facets of big data challenges, namely volume, velocity, and variety.


A new open source product Reserving is under development and can be downloaded from our GitHub repository. The Chain Ladder algorithm is available and others will be added soon. See our products page for more details.

Working for you

As part of our commitment to equip your organisation with cutting edge support for big data analytics, we have rolled out an expanded range of services, training courses & products.

Our data scientists, statisticians, and information technology professionals provide you with tools to meet data science challenges. We specialize in operating within various sectors that include but are not limited to Energy, Finance & Insurance, Marketing, Manufacturing, and Telecoms.

Our training courses keep your talent's technical ability at the cutting edge in the fields of Big Data, Marketing, Financial Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, and Programming.


Our blog is technically focused. We explore topics we feel are important in analysis and associated fields. These are aimed at informing data scientists, programmers, and statisticians about issues that they may find interesting and useful. Topics range from presenting technical aspects of our services, software products, or training, brief investigations of various statistical techniques and tips for programming tools and methodologies that are useful in this field. For more details, see our blog.